You've probably wondered at some point what is the advantage of a professional Trader (PRO Trader) over an amateur, haven’t you?
Yes, in experience and skills, however, is it really just that? And aren't these skills propped up by something else?
Today, in the digital era, when everything happens in fractions of seconds, behind most professional Traders are specialised tools, servers, software, etc., right?
How do you face it, especially being at the beginning of the road, when everything seems so distant and inaccessible?
Our Ichimoku.eu team has already walked this path with great success! We are well aware of how many years of hard work we had to put in to get where we are today and regularly succeed in the market.
We receive numerous inquiries from you regarding access to professional tools for facilitating trading, including automation of opening and running positions, as well as the ability to pyramid them correctly*, etc.
In order to make this path easier for everyone and to take advantage of the solutions we have developed, we have created professional Executive Tools (Expert Advisor EA) with differentiated purposes that will allow each of you to "hire" the best employees who don't sleep, don't eat, don't hesitate, and their response time is measured in milliseconds!
We invite you to learn more about their extensive capabilities.

EA Running Wild

Tool #1 for Positive Pyramiding*

Who was the EA Running Wild created for?

As the Ichimoku.eu team, we consider Money Management (MM) to be the most important issue that has the greatest impact on the outcome of financial market operations carried out. It is important to pay special attention to it, because regardless of the strategy you follow at the time of opening the operation, the price has only three possibilities: it will rise, fall or remain unchanged. However, when it moves, the impulse will be significant, and this should absolutely be exploited! We are proud to bring to you, hitherto unpresented, a unique way of managing the size of the positive pyramid positions*. This solution allows dynamic and fully automatic adjustment to price fluctuations, including during corrections. This unusual way of pyramiding operations, "with the recognition of the size of the position" during the adjustment, makes it possible to achieve extraordinary profits from the trading operations carried out; from now on it is also available to you.
It took us years of work to develop this way of managing positions, you can have a ready-made solution from the moment you purchase the Running Wild Operations Assistant.

The main features and functions of the EA Running Wild Executive Tool:

And many more..., such as the feature tested using MetaTrader 4 built-in strategy tester. — No need to buy a separate forex tester! This function greatly accelerates learning how to trade.

WARNING!! EA Running Wild works on the entire deposit of a given trading account by managing the positions of a single trading currency using the token method described in details in the EA user manual!

* - "Positive Pyramiding" is the ability to reinvest profit from an open position(-s) already making a profit.


EA Trouble Buster

The #1 tool for managing your positions in Prop Trading

Who was the EA Trouble Buster created for?

Regardless of the strategy you follow at the time of opening the operation, you should precisely match the size of the position to the signal pattern (formation) and determine the potential Profit to Risk (P:R) ratio. Even a small range of price movement during the entry can significantly affect the outcome of the operation, can't it?
Having a good toolyou can significantly improve the R-Pratio by entering the position more tightly without changing the level of protection. This is possible only with a very precise selection of the lot size at the time of opening the position. The lower the Time Frame (TF) of executing a trade, the faster adjustment to the situation is necessary. EA Trouble Buster was created to streamline this issue as much as possible and eliminate the possibility of opening a position with the wrong lot weight.

We enhanced the functionality of the tool with a graphical interface located directly on the chart screen. This solution allows fully automatic precise adjustment of the size of the open position to the current conditions on the chart. This organised and simple way of capital management, allows you to make regular profits from your trading operations; from now on it is also available to you.
It took us a lot of work to develop this capital management tool, you get a ready-made and proven solution the moment you purchase the Trouble Buster Operations Assistant.

The main features and functions of the EA Trouble Buster Executive Tool:

  • Moreover, time functions such as:
    • Opening an immediate position (At Market Price) at a designated time, e.g., just before the entry of a news.
    • Closing a position or removing a pending order at the indicated time.
  • The function of taking screenshots during key moments of operations and archiving them.
  • And many more..., such as the function tested using MetaTrader 4 built-in strategy tester.

    * — "Positive Pyramiding" is the ability to reinvest profit from an open position / positions already making a profit.


    Your Running Wild and Trouble Buster Operations Assistants will solve a lot of issues for you, but remember that even the best tools and software won't ensure your success or gain experience for you, they can only make the process much simpler and faster!