How to install Ichimoku waves meter?

  1. Startup file Ichimoku waves meter.ex4 should be uploaded to the folder MQL4/Indicators/
  2. Start the MT4/5 platform and open list of indicators

What to do if platform has crashed?

  1. change TF,
  2. restart a template,
  3. close the MT4/5 platform
  4. rerun the platform

The indicator is displayed differently than presented on the website?

  1. check if you have not changed the font size in the indicator, parameter No. 22
  2. check if you have changed the size and width of the indicator buttons, parameters No. 16.17 - if changes have been made to the above-mentioned parameters, the default values ​​for each parameter are given in the instructions
  3. check if you have enabled image scaling in windows, scaling greater than 100% - set scaling to 100%.

Why can not I mark one measurement point?

  1. the determined measuring points must be outside the time range axis (x) menu windows
  2. move the menu window to the future and make the measurement again

Why do the lines overlap?

It can happen when we make a measurement manually and then go to the automatic measurement -to obtain correctness, an automatic measurement should be made and, if necessary, the chart should be manually completed with interesting measurements

Incorrect display or suspension when starting a template?

For the correct display of the template, run the template without a pointer, then add the indicator.

No activity on the MT4/5 platform and incorrect display?

  1. after the 30 days without activity, global variables stop working
  2. restart the indicator

Calculating or graphical errors?

In case of locating incorrect conversion or other error in the functioning of the indicator, please describe it and attach PrtSc (screenshot) with the situation and send by email to the info@ichimoku.eu

We will do our best to eliminate possible errors in subsequent versions of the program.
Your observations are very valuable to us.